Quest Collaborative Law

Your Quest Is Our Goal

The web presence of Quest Collaborative Law and attorney Christopher L. Seaton, Esq.  All sorts of fun lies herein.  

Welcome To Your Quest. 

You’re here because you’re in a dispute.  Maybe you need help planning out important life events or achieving goals.  Maybe you’re just curious about what we do.  In any case, welcome to Quest Collaborative Law. 

Quest was founded out of a simple idea: “Empower People, Achieve Dreams.” To pursue that idea, Quest provides innovative legal services, custom-tailored to the client’s needs and designed to help achieve maximum success.  

Quest handles matters in Family Law with an emphasis on the Collaborative approach to solving family disputes.  In times of need, Christopher Seaton--the legal mind behind Quest--has been honored to serve his community in the Juvenile Court system.  

Above all, Mr. Seaton believes that if you give people the right tools, they can resolve disputes in ways that keep them out of court and in control of their own lives.  

Feel free to look around our site or contact us.  We’re glad you’re here.


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