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Clinton's Choice: The Run Built On A Lie

Just saw something with Jake Tapper on CNN about ten minutes ago (6:30 MT on Sunday, June 14) that made my blood boil.  People have been asking questions for some time now about how the Clinton Foundation’s money has been going to various organizations that have provided certain unfair advantages to those who work with the Clinton’s favor.  This has been documented in the book “Clinton Cash” and has recently been something noted by the conservative bent with people like the always entertaining “Ace,” Jonah Goldberg, and others.  Jake Tapper spoke with Bill Clinton about the problem, and Slick Willie had the answer that is so typical of his entire campaign and life: it’s not about the problems the Clintons have caused or are causing, it’s all about the other person:

“I think the fact that there’s attacks this early means that people think she’s a viable candidate…she’d be a great President and I think a lot of people see that.  That’s why you’re seeing people attack her this early.”  


This being a man who understands public opinion better than anyone—or at least in the Democratic world—it’s shocking to see how far the man has his head shoved firmly up his ass.  Polls aren’t showing a foundation of trust for Hillary Clinton, mind you.  Not that much at all, depending on where you look.  Anti-Clinton resentment is building up repeatedly because of the work she and her brethren hath wrought, and it’s not looking pretty.  This is a woman who is building her entire campaign on being a “representative of the middle class,” and people are buying into it hook, line, and sinker despite the unassailable fact that she is NOT one of us, she is NOT one of the people, and she never has been.  She is an oligarch in sheep’s clothing, telling us that she is fit to rule our land and give the people the mythical utopia they want so badly despite us all knowing that it’s never going to happen and that it’s going to be a long haul before we ever see something like this happen again.  


“The attacks mean she’s a viable candidate…she’d be a great president…”  If we get to that perspective, Mr. President, then I respectfully submit to you that we’re in a world where Marco Rubio, a man that many on the left are scoffing as a non-issue for the Presidency, is being seen as a real threat.  Someone—we don’t know who—but someone decided to attack Rubio’s record for getting FOUR TRAFFIC TICKETS and his wife getting eleven.  Then it became Rubio’s decision to purchase a “luxury speedboat” that turned out to be no more than your average fishing boat one will see at many boat docks across the nation.  Then it became “Rubio spent money to pay off his law school debts.”  If we are to believe Willie’s Gospel, then we must believe that Rubio is seen as just as much of a threat if not more, because we’re seeing attacks against Rubio based on the most banal of matters.  Traffic tickets, buying boats, and the payment of debts owed are extremely minor compared to buying off media publications and influencing the way the world shapes a view through the outlets people trust as “responsible journalism.”  


Let me give you a third narrative, Mr. President.  You’re seeing a campaign built on a lie, and you know that the world has been sold a false bill of goods and we’re sick of it.  We want honesty, not disingenuous behavior and people who can’t be trusted to represent our interests.  We know that we’re being given a “viable candidate” in the person who helped complete lie after lie in the Obama administration, and we know that this person didn’t trust Obama from the beginning when she sold herself onto the administration, and yet we have an entire base that tells us we MUST have Hillary Clinton in the White House, we MUST believe in what she’s saying, and we MUST give ourselves a woman president because “it’s time,” “it has to happen, and “if we don’t get behind her early and give her a fighting chance those damn Republicans are going to take over everything.” 

There’s the big lie.  We believe that Hillary must be the one, we must make her the Queen, and we must give her the nomination at the Democratic level or the Other will win, and that cannot happen.  That is the lie the Left gives you.  That is the hollow bill of goods that’s being sold those who want to vote Democratic regardless of the consequences or the candidate elected.  If you want to swallow that lie, and if you want to see that person given the world despite the disingenuous nature of the entire bile you’re spewing, then that’s okay.  Just make sure that for once, you admit that you’d rather see yourself believe a falsehood than admit a reality.  

As for me and mine, for once we will demand honesty in those who represent us. We won’t get it, regardless of who gets elected, but we will demand it.  And when we won’t get it, we’ll see ourselves move further and further into the spiral of a revolution people are whispering about on the web and in the darker corners of the world we’d rather not talk about.

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