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RIP Buddy Landell

I want to take a moment as an unrepentant wresting fan and remember the "Nature Boy," Buddy Landell, who died this past week.  Landell was a Knoxville legend, and still had a strong presence in the local wrestling industry.  He was considered a legend in Southern wrestling circles, and he could talk up a storm without a second notice.  

I pause to speak specifically of Buddy Landell because of his connection to Freemasonry.  I am a very proud Freemason myself, and want to mention a great moment and connection to Brother Landell that I found out one day during a snowpocalypse session of shoveling snow and ice out of my driveway.  During said incident, I happened to be listening to Colt Cabana's "Art of Wrestling" podcast, which is an excellent resource for people who are interested in hearing about the lives of professional wrestlers and a good look at specifically what makes an "independent wrestler's" life so interesting.  As I listened to Buddy Landell's story, I found myself stop and pause in amusement when he said the following: 

"You know, back in my day, when the business was heavily protected, promos were just guys screaming a lot about how mad they were at other guys.  And I was in this business, and all the boys carried guns.  I know that 'cause I rode with 'em.  And I went through the Masonic Lodge in Knoxville back in the 1980s, and those boys had to take me downstairs and eventually smarten me up to what was gonna happen, 'cause those boys were scared I'd come up swinging." And for all the Masons who hear this, I wanted to say "Brothers, I love you," and they'll know what I'm talking about, and to everyone else it's gonna sound like Greek to them and I'm OK with that."  

Rest in peace, Brother Landell.  You've made it to the Celestial Lodge.  

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