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Tuesday of Radio Fun

Yesterday I had the distinct privilege of stopping by the Birdhouse at the corner of Fourth and Gill for WOZO's "That Midday Show" on 103.9 LPFM.  We did a round of my new favorite game, "Good Reasons to Kill Somebody" (h/t to Lowering the Bar for that one) and discussed a few headlines I'd culled over the week with the show's host, Aaron Campbell.  

WOZO's "That Midday Show" is available now on Stitcher Radio and iTunes for your listening pleasure and is live on Tuesdays from 1-4 PM on 103.9 LPFM in Knoxville.  These visits have been getting so fun that I hope to make it a regular thing each week for the show.  

You can find the website for the show here.  

The contact info for the show is here

The big event plugged this time around is the release party for comedian J.C. Ratliff's album "Hope is a Virus" this Friday Night (7/17) at 9:00 PM at Sassy Ann's in Knoxville.  Several big names will be there, and the man with the album will be doing a set that night.  

And I might even say hi if you mention you read this.  

I'll update with a link to the show later.  

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