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Tuesday Morning Linkorama

Haven't done this so far this week, so here's a few good links to enjoy while you're enjoying your morning coffee.  Personally, with regards to coffee, I've been cutting back on my consumption and trying to work with my body's cortisol levels instead of working against them--and this article from Onnit is the reason why.  I'm only three days into the experiment, so I can't tell you if it's working or not.  More to come there.  

First up, our Esteemed One, He of the Machine Gun Blawgosphere, Scott Greenfield, gives us a nice meditation on how rhetoric is impeding discussion of real issues in our society.  Spoiler alert: I really like his reference to Lenny Bruce at the end of the article.  

LAWSPLAINER ALERT: Ken White at Popehat discusses whether Gawker is guilty of extortion after a recent attack on an entertainment executive.  I love Popehat's Lawsplainer posts and will link just about every single one here--they do a really good job condensing complex legal concepts into an easily digestible package. TRIGGER WARNING on this one for frank discussions of vile people and vile acts.  

The link here is to the Smoking Gun's report (also with video), but the Lowering the Bar headline reads "Man Says He Danced On Police Car's Roof To Summon Aid Against Vampires."   This one is SO getting discussed on WOZO's "That Midday Show" today.  

I want anyone that burgles my home to bake me a potato and rake leaves if any are present.

And finally, when we cite to precedent in the law, we usually don't refer to 800 year old documents, but that's what's being done here to justify a lawsuit.   

Time to go adult.  Have a good day, folks, and be sure to tune into WOZO 103.9 LPFM today at 1:00 for "That Midday Show" where we're going to do another round of Good Reasons To Kill Somebody, probably talk the headlines above, and discuss a few war stories from the trenches.

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