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The Narrative Continues Yet Again

A few weeks back I wrote of the battle between Sir Tim Hunt, a Nobel Laureate, and the smear campaign waged by one Connie St. Louis, who manufactured an outrage mob over alleged "misogynistic" comments made at a conference by Sir Hunt.  Before the man made it back to London, his alleged comments had cost him his job with a university.  

Now video has surfaced, showing that Ms. St. Louis's version of The Narrative was wrong, and that Sir Tim was in fact joking with his remarks at this conference.  Ms. St. Louis engaged in a smear campaign against a man who had done her no wrong other than fail to toe the line of political correctness as Ms. St. Louis viewed appropriate.  And a group of "maenads," as Ace has termed them, jumped on Sir Hunt with think pieces and outrage porn.   And now a Nobel Laureate has no job, and Connie St. Louis is still in the public eye.  

I have to at least credit Brianna Wu for admitting the source of this matter was intellectually dishonest and saying that she got it wrong by believing St. Louis.  But she's not enough.  I think everyone who believes in honesty, forthright behavior and fair dealings needs to excoriate St. Louis for taking a valuable mind in science away from this world.  I think that we need someone who will take a stand and say that when the Narrative is adopted for the purpose of having someone's head--male or female--and it's proven wrong, we need to make sure that the Narrative in that matter is discarded, and that person challenged for making an intellectually dishonest statement propagate at the expense of others.  

The Narrative is powerful, but only if true.  If it is found to be a falsity, then we need to make sure that those who persist in the Narrative at the expense of a person's life are given the same treatment as those whom they destroy.  

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