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Tuesday Morning Link Dump

It's time yet again for another round of ridiculousness and nuttery here at the Compound, with some to be surely discussed on That Midday Show today at 1:00 PM on 103.9 LPFM in Knoxville.  Be sure to tune in and listen to use discuss some of these stories in further detail.  

I don't know if I'm more bothered by the trailer or the fact that it's on the government's property. Maybe an interesting study in eminent domain?  Either way, Boomer Sooner! 

This particular fellow is going to have a wire fraud case on his hands for some time.  The premise behind the same is enough to make me shake my head and say "I hope the strippers were worth it." 

In a rare moment, I'm actually linking to Raw Story for an article involving Donald Trump and his attorney.  

I unearthed a trove of MN Highway Patrol tweets.  This one's getting discussed for sure.  

Final big headline: "Judge Orders Defendant to Draw Him." 

Good Reasons to Kill Someone Time (since I finally made it to a point where I can link Lowering The Bar--seriously that guy is hilarious and his book is even better.  

Standing On A Subway Platform

Disagreeing With Someone On The Location Of the Big Dipper

Coming Home Without Beer

Denied Access to Family Cat

Took All The Crab Legs

And Finally, for a new bit because of my immense love of "The Emergency Sasquatch Ordinance" (which you can buy here if you so choose) if time permits we will discuss the following stupid laws that are actually on the books in various states: 

Louisiana has a specific Bible as its state book.  Not "The Bible," mind you, but a specific Bible owned by someone or something other than the State of Louisiana.  

You can claim Bird Poop as your own property on discovery in the United States. 

New York's Penal Code Has Different Kinds Of Strangulation.  This is one I take particular offense to.  You're choking somebody there's no reason to get specific and detailed in your assault complaint.  Just call it assault.

This will show how old I am, but I remember video stores, and I remember having to rent videos from said stores for entertainment.  I remember being scared of late fees.  This takes the cake.  Holy crap.   

Nifty analysis here of old laws that are or were still recently here on the books. 

That's all for now.  Check in with "That Midday Show" today if you're in Knoxville.  It's 103.9 LPFM in the city limits.  If you can't catch it during the day for some reason, Aaron's gotten really good at getting them up on Stitcher and iTunes anyway

More to follow.  

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