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Tuesday Morning Link Dump

It's the second day of the week again, which means that I'm off at 1 PM to the Birdhouse on 4th and Gill in Knoxville to do "That Midday Show" with host Aaron Campbell on 103.9 WOZO LPFM.  The following is a list of the topics we'll be discussing on the air, so if one is so inclined one can get a "heads up" by reading here before the show today.  

"Game of Thrones" fan Demands Trial By Combat.  When I first heard about this from another attorney I honestly thought he was joking.  Then when I read the initial tweet from Nicholas Lee of Lee Criminal Defense I thought the entire thing was a work.  Nope--and the man who wrote the motion asking for trial by combat actually gives a bit of history on the subject too in the legal brief he writes.  

"Cops Concerned over Confidential Communications"is how I would title this one, but it's the story from last week most of you probably have seen or heard concerning the raid on a dispensary by cops who THOUGHT they smashed all the cameras inside and then were filmed chowing down on marijuana brownies and harassing disabled people afterwards.  

"Home of Throwed Rolls" Sued For Throwing Rolls. You know, there's a reason I continue to use Kevin Underhill's "Lowering The Bar" for just about all of these posts, and it's because he manages to come up with some of the dumbest stuff known to man and amuse even my wacky legal mind.  If you're not bookmarking the site for a daily read then I don't know what is wrong with you.  

"Man in Realistic Looking Bear Costume Cited For Harassing Bears" sounds less like a crime and more of a cry to have Darwin's Theory of Natural Selection take over, but still.  

Metal Band Great White Canceled Concert Due To Power Outage is less of a problem for the concert-goers and more a good thing for the people planning on attending said show.  In case you're wondering, I'm not digging against the band--I remember what happened the last time Great White was in the news, and it wasn't pretty.  

Woman Caught Trying to Break Into Jail is actually more common than you'd think, but this is a good one just to discuss the concept of what happens on said misadventures.  

Turning to the Smoking Gun, we have "Motorist Tried to Frame Her Own Dog in Hit and Run Accident." Now that's just mean.  

Jerry Springer Jail Assault just sounds ALL kinds of fun.  

I think for a fun time today we're going to debut a new game too: "Who Said It: Alex JonesKanye West, or Glenn Beck?"

That's it for today, folks.  See you on the air at 1:15 PM or so.  


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