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Tuesday Morning Link Dump

It's the second day of the week again, which means it's time to get all kinds of fun and silly links for you to read while you consume your morning beverage of choice.  I'm personally sipping on a Malawi coffee blend courtesy of the Toms company, but you may be more inclined to do something like a Monster energy drink...Anyway, here we go.  

Starting the lunacy is one of the dumbest prosecutions I've ever heard of and a complete waste of taxpayer money.  

And for funsies, here's part 2 of this inane story. 

Apparently in the wake of the new TSA administration sorority pamphlets now require "extra examination."  

50 Cent can't live on any less than $108,000 a month.  Might want to remaster that first album and rename it "Get Rich or Head to Bankruptcy Court."

Caitlyn Jenner is a hardcore conservative and that's upsetting a lot of people in the trans community.  

Legal Ethics Professor is Suspended From the Practice of Law For Stealing Client Money.

Judge gives man bail to attend his wedding.  You can picture exactly how this goes.  

I knew there was a good reason to hate Comcast, but now I'm certain of it. 

And I think that will do it for today.  Time to go adult.  If you want to hear us discuss the headlines of the week, tune in around 1:30 PM to "That Midday Show" on WOZO 103.9 LPFM in Knoxville.  If you're not right downtown you can catch the show in a day or two on Stitcher and iTunes. 


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