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Fault Lines.

If you normally come here for any reason (and if you do, I thank you), you've noticed my posts here have dropped quite a bit.  That's because I've been involved with a project called Fault Lines recently, and it's been an amazing experience.  

Fault Lines is a collection of some of the best legal minds in the country writing about criminal law topics.  Among those heavyweights I share web space with are Simple Justice's Scott Greenfield, Jeff Gamso of "Gamso For the Defense," Matt Brown, Professor Jessica Gabel Cino, Andrew Fleischmann, Ken Womble (who's been absolutely tearing things up over at FL), and even the Honorable Judge Richard G. Kopf, formerly of "Hercules and the Umpire." 

Yes, that Richard G. Kopf.  The one who got subjected to immense pointing and shrieking on the Internet for writing a blog post called "On Being A Dirty Old Man And How Young Women Lawyers Dress." 

Here's a quick link to Fault Lines in case you're interested in reading all the project has to offer (and you should be, because you love intellectual pursuits and great stuff if you come here). 

Enjoy.  And thank you for your support over the past five years. 

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