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I preface this review by stating I despise “self-help” books.  I think the entire section in which you’ll find them is one that preaches lovey-dovey, “You are special,” abject bullshit.  None of them realistically give any reader an action plan that will improve the life of the person who buys that book.  

This is why I am pleased to say that on reading “Gorilla Mindset” by Mike Cernovich, it is not by my definition a “self-help” book.  It is a plan of action to take those who will walk the talk, and commit to Cernovich’s methods, and make their lives less ordinary and more extraordinary. 

Some of the ideas that Mike Cernovich conveys in his book are incredibly scary to the “average man.”  One such concept is taking cold showers or contrast showers.  The moment I read his philosophy on cold or “contrast” showers I actually put Gorilla Mindset down and left it in my reading queue for a couple of months. 

The moment I actually tried a cold shower, a straight up ice cold shower, and conquered the unknown fear I had reflexively of it, then I had a revelation.  I’d conquered a fear Mike had shown me I didn’t know I had.  What other fears do I see that I don’t know about?  If I conquered this one by my own sheer willpower, what can I do from there? 

Tomorrow I will begin my day with another cold shower and the Brain Warmup Mike details. 

I’m also going back to the gym.  Getting my dietary habits in focus.  Regaining my posture. 

When you read “Gorilla Mindset,” you will be put off by some of the concepts Mike throws at you.  You will potentially be scared by some of the things he has to tell you.  Understand that he doesn’t give two shits about what you think, and that he is writing from a place of experience.  You will either love or hate what Mike Cernovich says in “Gorilla Mindset.” 

You take Cernovich’s action plan as you please, but if you try it, if you put his actions and work into your own life, then you will experience new ideas, concepts, and states of mind you haven’t known you could achieve.  You will get new revelations about your own life. 

You will start to “live life on your own terms.” If you ruthlessly follow Mike’s “Gorilla Mindset” action plan, you might even become “extraordinary.” 

And that is the beauty of “Gorilla Mindset.”  It carries the potential to make you extraordinary, if you will let Mike bend your ear for a few hundred pages. 

You can buy Mike's book here.  It's worth the dough. 

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