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The Book Blog Post

Had some fun reading a few books in the last week.  Thought I'd share them here.  

*If you enjoy Entourage, you should try reading Ari Gold's "The Gold Standard."  It's portrayed as a business book written by Jeremy Piven's character on the show and it's laugh out loud funny, but contains a few valuable business principles worth sharing.  

*I've also enjoyed the Elmo Jenkins Red Box set.  It's a series of four books about a minister during his first five years of ministry to a large church.  Allegedly based on real life experiences, it's got a good flair for keeping one interested on a long plane flight.  

Both of these are available on Amazon through either the Kindle store or in physical copy, if one is interested in such things.  

If you've got any good book recommendations to share, do so by emailing me at, tweet them to me at @clsesq, or comment below. 

Have a great Tuesday. 

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