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The Real Sticker Shock in Divorce

Here's an interesting tidbit from a meeting I was in last week.  

A family came to weCentral to price a Wevorce style mediation for their divorce.  The process ended up getting to around $5,500 for the family with all the help from our Architects, document prep, and review by an attorney.  The family saw that price range and went into "sticker shock," according to Michelle Crosby.  They went out into the world and ended up hiring lawyers to handle the process in a "traditional" route for a divorce.  

They've currently spent approximately $25,000 and their divorce story isn't finished yet. 

I'm reminded when I hear stories like this of Willie Nelson's old chestnut: "Divorce is so expensive because it's worth it."  The thing is that it doesn't have to be that way, and we've proven that for the last five years Wevorce has been in existence.  Our upfront pricing structure allows families to know before they commit to the process exactly how much they're going to be paying for the entirety of their divorce story.  There may be times that we have meetings that "detour" from the road map set in the initial consultation meeting, but those meetings are priced during the consult so the families can know what to expect if we have to spend a little extra time on an issue.  We also make it a point to let the families know well in advance if there's going to be an issue that requires a special bit of attention so there is no extra "sticker shock" when it comes time to have that meeting.  

We're slowly getting word out nationwide that divorce DOESN'T have to cost that much, that we're able to provide tools for families that will extend long beyond this process, and that you can have a life after divorce where you can speak with your partner on a civilized basis about life matters--especially those involving your children, if you have them.  We're able to serve more people than ever before, with over 300 Wevorce Certified Architects and Professionals signed on in this country.  We're taking divorce into the age of "high touch, high tech" and out of the "underground" level of marketing that traps people into thinking they have no power and need to turn their lives over to the litigation machine.  We have resources built in for families that want advice on everything from the divorce process to mediation to child development and more.  

All you--or anyone you know that may be going through or considering divorce--need to do is give us a call at 855 Wevorce or go to and locate a Certified Architect near you.  A few minutes of your time and an hour in a consult is all you'll be out for taking a look at what we're doing, and you may save yourself a ton of money and time in the process.  

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