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Let's Play With Links

Since I'm having a devil of a time today with writing something, I figure I'll give you all some tidbits to read from other really good bloggers.  

First on your sampler platter is this lovely bit from Clark at Popehat talking about Strangeloop and the differences between the legal and cultural ramifications of free speech.  

Next up is The Esteemed One of the Machine Gun Blawgosphere with his take on New York's new "affirmative consent" provisions for sexual assault.  

Third on the menu is Jay Wolman blogging at Marc Randazza's "The Legal Satyricon" on the ways definitions of "discrimination" might be reworded based on recent case law. 

For a palate cleanser check out Overlawyered and think really, really hard before you let a cover band play your next party.  

Finally, as your desert course, go see Lowering the Bar  for your daily dose of legal insanity.  This time it's what happens when legislators attempt to do their job and play on Facebook at the same time. 

Have a great day. 

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