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Here's A Bunch Of Fun Links To Read

I have to get back to doing lawyerly things this morning following a brief respite and play session with my daughter.  Before I go, I thought I'd share a few bits I'd been reading this morning. 

Jury Clears Man in Hot Dog Flinging Case  is one of the better headlines I've read in a good bit.  I thought that couldn't be topped until I read "Rapper Glad He Cut His Penis Off.

In other news, when Hulk Hogan takes the witness stand in his sex tape trial he will have to wear a "simple bandana" and go by his real name of Terry Bollea. 

And finally, to confirm an apparently forgotten First Amendment precedent, you can cuss at cops and not get arrested for it.  It's probably not the greatest idea, but it's not illegal.  

Have a good Tuesday. 

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