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Video Didn't Kill the Radio Lawyering (UPDATED)

Just wanted to take a brief moment and thank Aaron Campbell for having me on his show on WOZO 103.9 LPFM in Knoxville today, "That Midday Show."  What started out as an attempt to discuss legal issues and the Supreme Court's latest rulings devolved into how comedy helped my legal practice, a few knocks on Hulk Hogan, an improv bit on how the most civil arrest in history would occur, and tons more.  

If you're in Knoxville, 103.9 LPFM hosts the show every Tuesday from 1-5 PM.  You can find the show's website here, which contains all the contact info for the show as well.  You can also find "That Midday Show" on Facebook.  

I also want to thank the talented John Miller for letting me share a studio with him today.  He's one of the best up and coming talents in Knoxville when it comes to stand-up comedy and he's done a good bit of work making the Tuesday comedy nights in Knoxville at the Longbranch Saloon on Cumberland Avenue the place to be for live entertainment on Tuesday nights.  You can find John Miller at @johnandrewmillah on Twitter and Instagram.  Go check out his shows on Tuesdays too--they start around 8:30 PM or so.  

This post will be updated with a link to the recorded show when I get it. 

UPDATE: You can find the entire show here.

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