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Monday Morning Newsarama

Hope everyone made it through the holiday weekend safe and sound without needing legal intervention.  

Here's some stuff for your perusal over morning coffee. 

1. Tumblr is subject to many a copyright troll, but the biggest seems to be a dude who claims he channels a space alien.  (via Overlawyered)

2. You ever get summoned for jury duty, you can have a couple of options on how you respond.  You can show up and perform your civic duty, you can figure out some way to get excused during voir dire, or you can behave like this judge and send an irate lawyer out to sue everyone. (Via Lowering The Bar) 

3. I'm not endorsing this book in any way, nor am I suggesting you purchase it--I just find it wild that you can buy a legal text in my lifetime called "Colorado Marijuana Laws and Regulations." (Via Above the Law)

4. Finally for the morning, an interesting piece by Mark W. Bennett on Revenge Pr0n Statutes and Confidentiality. 

Have a good Monday.  Off to trial prep. 

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