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Thursday Morning Link Dump

Good morning everyone who actually takes the time to read this stuff.  

Two trials in the past two days and one tomorrow mean that it's time for another round of interesting things to read while you drink your morning coffee or tea.  

"Manspreading" and putting your feet up on a subway seat are now a crime in NYC, according to Gothamist and Overlawyered. 

If that doesn't suit your fancy, here's a lovely little piece by Scott Greenfield at Simple Justice eviscerating a VICE writer for making people stupider over Title IX and the First Amendment.  TRIGGER WARNING: It makes fun of trigger warnings. 

Lowering the Bar has a nice educational list of people and places Donald Trump has sued. 

Heard about the Sweet Cakes Bakery gag order yet?  Interested in finding out whether said gag order is unconstitutional?  Popehat has a brand new "Lawsplainer" for you. 

That's all for this morning. Time to go actually adult.  

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